Land Rovers, Mountain Biking and being outdoors.

About Me

About Me

I’m Dorset-based, and a full-time web developer, living on a small farm in the South of England and trying to keep myself out of harm's way!

Since I can remember, I’ve had an unhealthy interest in Land Rovers and 4x4s and have owned a fair selection in my time. Up until the end of 2009 I had the great pleasure of working at Devon 4×4, and was involved in a great many superb vehicle projects as well as competing in a number of off-road competitions around the country with the team.

Prior to this, I was very lucky to have travelled all over the world working in the stage lighting industry, so I’ve been around a bit !
In the course of my travels near and far, I have met some really interesting people, learned a great deal and made some great friends

At any given time, you’ll likely find me getting very wet and muddy on my mountain bike or tinkering with one of the numerous Land Rover projects which will probably never get finished, but that keep me amused and quietly out of society’s way.