General Ramblings

Yeovil Show 2016 – They did it!


It seemed like an ambitious project:  Decades after the last Yeovil Show came to an end, there was a plan to resurrect it. These days, it seems you can hardly move for weekend events.  Whether it is the local village fete, a mega car boot, the touring farmers’ market, or the local county show; it’s […]

Taming of the shrew at The Globe


It’s a bit of a departure from the normal waffle I post on here, but we had the pleasure of experiencing the Taming of the Shrew matinee on Saturday and I felt compelled to leave a comment here. It was one of the most powerful pieces of theatre I have seen in a long time. […]

Battery monitoring for the Land Rover


I’ve been fiddling around with this project for ages, and finally got bored with staring at the blank space in the dashboard of the 110. So, with a new Arduino board and sensor shield from Hobby Components, and an hour or so of chopping code about, the project is back on track. Once it’s all […]

Filtering a Magento product collection by multiple categories


Well, that’s a bit of a mouthful but it’s also been the bane of my existence for the past few hours.  I’ve been building a little widget to allow product data to be embedded in a CMS page with various options for selecting the products that are included. The difficulty I’ve been having is filtering […]

Testing responsive websites in Google Chrome


As anyone who works online will know, mobile-friendliness is critical in the success of any website these days. I found a useful feature in Google Chrome which can help with the testing process during development.   I did a little screen capture of it in use.  Hope it’s useful to someone !

Electrifying the apple grinder !


Now, if you’re old enough to remember the show, ‘Home Improvement’, you’ll remember that Tim “the tool man” Taylor had a simple mantra: “More power” With that in mind, and with cider-making season drawing near, James and I decided that manually grinding the apples last year was tedious and hard.  (I think you can probably […]

The AWDC XTC – Throwback !


In a bit of a #throwbackthursday style, I came across some video footage of the very first AWDC XTC event. It’s a simple format: there are a number of ‘gates’ spread around a large area. You have to get from gate to gate in the right order using whatever route you see fit.  The terrain […]

HTTPS Everywhere


There’s been a movement for a while online to encrypt people’s web activity by default, not just for financial activities.   These means that more of your actions are encrypted and are much harder to intercept, and your privacy is slightly better protected. Well, I finally got round to updating the site so that it […]

3D modelling fun


I’ve been toying with the idea of building a little office in the garden so I can free up the spare room in the house.  Having looked around at the exhorbitantly priced commercial offerings, (£8000 for an insulated shed anyone ?), I decided that I’d be much better off just buidling one myself.

EC vehicle legislation


Not too long ago, all the social networks started buzzing with talk of new EC legislation which had the potential to damage the status of many modified and historic vehicles in the UK. Part of the catalyst for this was an article here :   which describes in some fairly stark terms an interpretation of what […]