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10 reasons the government is like an ageing Windows PC

In a typically random conversation with my mate Datalas, this list was born.

It's intended as a bit of fun, and no, I don't hate Windows, or Microsoft...  (although the British Government are fairly low in my estimation !)

So, here you have it...   10 reasons why the UK government is like an ageing Windows PC

  • When you first get it, it's exciting and promises to solve all your problems

  • It uses a number of 'wizards' to do things you don't really understand and didn't really ask for

  • It seems to get slower and less reliable every day

  • It constantly makes 'updates' which claim to make your life better and more secure without really asking your permission

  • It makes a huge fuss whenever it does something and expects you to be impressed

  • It keeps all kinds of records about what you do, hidden away in places you can't access

  • It consumes an increasingly large number of resources whilst not really achieving anything

  • Every few years, a new version becomes available which claims to be better than the last but actually just does the same thing

  • It occasionally loses your data for no adequately explained reason

  • It's open to being corrupted from pretty much any direction with the right inputs

  • The best thing you can do is reformat it and start again

OK... that's 11 reasons.. but I figured that there was no need to stick to the original budget or quote ;-)