The AWDC XTC - Throwback !

In a bit of a #throwbackthursday style, I came across some video footage of the very first AWDC XTC event.
It's a simple format: there are a number of 'gates' spread around a large area. You have to get from gate to gate in the right order using whatever route you see fit.  The terrain is challenging, but the idea was that if you were clever about where you drove you could get some decent speed between the really technical bits.

I'm driving the red & yellow Devon 4x4 90 with my co-driver Jake, and we managed to clock the fastest lap at the event :-)

It really was a superb event that sadly never seemed to take off. Still, fond memories and I can't quite believe it was over 5 years ago !

The video here was taken by the various spectators and marshals around the event.  None of it belongs to me !