Yeovil Show 2016 - They did it!

It seemed like an ambitious project:  Decades after the last Yeovil Show came to an end, there was a plan to resurrect it.

These days, it seems you can hardly move for weekend events.  Whether it is the local village fete, a mega car boot, the touring farmers' market, or the local county show; it's a pretty safe bet you'll be able to find something to attend in the summer months.

It takes a brave sort then, to decide to create a new 2-day event in the South West in the middle of July, but that's what the team at Yeovil Show managed to do.

The work involved in pulling any type of event together is huge.  Even a small village event needs a lot of work, planning and co-operation.   A venture the size of a county show takes this to a whole new level.    The upshot, after months of tireless work was that over the weekend of 16th / 17th July this year, we found ourselves driving into the car park of the reborn Yeovil Show.

It was a great day out:  Very relaxed, and with plenty to see and do.   There was a good selection of stalls, food sellers, livestock and arena attractions.   I'm sure there are some improvements to be made; some of the layout could have been a bit simpler, but these were minor niggles at an otherwise superb event.

I'll certainly be going back next year.   Take a look at the Yeovil Show website for more info.