Land Rovers

Time for a rebuild


As any proper Land Rover owner knows, the project is never finished and there’s always something to do.   Well, despite looking reasonably good in a photo, my 110 very much falls into the category of “needing work” at the moment.  The bulkhead is in need of repair around the top rails, and was patched […]

Battery monitoring for the Land Rover


I’ve been fiddling around with this project for ages, and finally got bored with staring at the blank space in the dashboard of the 110. So, with a new Arduino board and sensor shield from Hobby Components, and an hour or so of chopping code about, the project is back on track. Once it’s all […]

A weekend away in the 110


I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping the 110 build up to date on here, and I recently came across this picture, taken before a weekend camping trip, which shows it in its current form.

New rear door for the 110


One of the worst bits on the 110 when I got it was the rear door.   It was pretty rotten and the frame had actually snapped in two on one side.

The mud console gets installed


Finally managed to get round to installing the Mud console in the 110.   I still have the perilous job of wiring everything up though !

Prepping the mud console


Since the weather here is cold and miserable at the moment, I decided not to go outside and do any work on the 110 tonight, instead opting for doing a bit of preparation on the Mudstuff dash console. There isn’t a great deal to be fitted at this stage, but it will give me scope for […]

Tarting up the 110 front end


Another quick update from the weekend’s work, and apologies once again for the crummy picture. Managed to get my D44 front bumper and steering guard on the 110 and sorted out the front lights.  Whilst I was fiddling, I changed the headlight trims and indicators too.   I didn’t actually intend to get the Td5 […]

Wheels & tyres on the 110


Managed to get a little more done to the 110 this weekend. As you might have seen it was sitting on some fairly tired steel modular rims and making the whole vehicle look a bit down in the dumps.   Well, I had a nice set of BFG mud terrains on the 90, which I […]

The rack has gone


Work has commenced on the 110, with some bits coming off and some bits going on. First on the hit-list was the roof rack.   I didn’t like it at all…  it was fairly ugly and the way it was attached to the vehicle was unlike anything I’d seen before.   I fear that it […]

New boots for the 90


The time has come..  I’ve finally replaced the tyres on the 90.   I managed to wring every last mile out of my old BFG Trac Edge tyres, and a puncture in one of them was the catalyst for me to get something new. I don’t do many miles in the 90 any more, so […]