A weekend away in the 110

I've been a bit remiss in keeping the 110 build up to date on here, and I recently came across this picture, taken before a weekend camping trip, which shows it in its current form.

A few things have been done since the last update including:

  • Rear windows replaced with solid panels.  The rear bench seats were taken out ages ago, and the windows did nothing but rattle and leak.  Now much quieter and a bit more secure

  • Short roof rack fitted.   I needed a way to transport stuff around (like the Kayaks shown in the picture), so I fitted a spare 90 roof rack to the top.

  • Open Sky awning.  Added to keep us dry when we're out at weekend events, camping, etc.   Works a treat,

  • Southdown snorkel.  We get flooded around here quite often. It's been a godsend !

I don't really intend to do much else to it at this stage.  It's a daily workhorse and is generally reliable.   When the weather improves, I'll probably re-paint the rear panels as I'm not very happy with the finish on them.   Aside from that, I'll concentrate on enjoying the drive :-)