Fuelling around

OK... so the puns are getting worse, but the work is progressing OK. Due to the desire to make the vehicle comfortable, we used Discovery 2 seats in the build and to get them in the right place and safely mounted it was necessary to build a custom seat box which was lower than the original.

The seating position and comfort works really well, but to achieve what we needed, we knew we had to relocate the fuel tank. As luck would have it, I had a spare fuel tank in the shed :-) The tank in question was designed as a secondary fuel tank, made by Allisport. It gives 40 litres of capacity and fits in the same place that the Td5 tank would usually occupy.

With the tank fitted, I cut into the offside wing and fitted the new fuel filler and plumbed in the feed lines. There is still plenty to do, but it's another step closer to getting us running