New rear door for the 110

One of the worst bits on the 110 when I got it was the rear door.   It was pretty rotten and the frame had actually snapped in two on one side.

With a replacement door on the way, I had to take a guess at the colour code of the vehicle...  Land Rover helpfully didn't bother putting it on a lot of vehicles, especially of the sort of vintage that mine is.   Everything pointed to it being Ardennes Green (AKA County Green), so that's what I went with.     Luckily, I got it right !    A few coats of paint later and I had a nice looking replacement door.

Fitting it was actually not a hugely traumatic experience..  all the nuts and bolts were free, and it went back together without any big dramas,

I still need to get the rear wiper refitted which is going to involve drilling some holes in the new door and fabricating some kind of mounting bracket inside, (for some reason the replacement door didn't have the same arrangement of braces in the frame.

Whilst I was at it, I fitted a new spare wheel carrier too.   Hanging wheels on aluminium doors was never a very good idea, and it's even worse when you put a heavier off-road tyre on there.   I went with a fairly standard swing-away wheel carrier that mounts on the chassis and body.   Hopefully it will do the job.

The eagle-eyed among you may have also noticed the change to NAS lights on the rear of the truck.  I haven't bothered with the reversing and fog lights at the moment, but seeing them on there now makes me think I'll change them too and tidy the whole thing up.    I should probably give it a wash too !