Wheels & tyres on the 110

Managed to get a little more done to the 110 this weekend.

As you might have seen it was sitting on some fairly tired steel modular rims and making the whole vehicle look a bit down in the dumps.   Well, I had a nice set of BFG mud terrains on the 90, which I always planned to keep, so took the opportunity to transfer them actoss to the 110.

I think it's fair to say it has made a significant difference !    I reckon the 110 looks much better.  As you can see from the (fairly poor) picture, it does suffer from getting sprayed in mud, so I have some mudflaps to put on there to (hopefully) reduce that a bit.   It's all very well getting your Land Rover splattered in mud, but it gets a bit boring when it tries to share that mud with all your clothes every time you get in.

More to follow...