Another Marin back on the trails

I've been a fan of Marin bikes for a while and after riding my Mount Vision, Kate became a fan too.  We were lucky enough to find a Mount Vision frame for a bargain price via Pinkbike, and the project to build a new bike was born.

Getting all the parts together was great fun.  A mixture of new parts and used went into building this superb bike.   It looks great and is sooo nice to ride.

A few honourable mentions for people who really helped out with the build...

  •  Hope Tech - Makers of some superb bike bits and providers of truly excellent support and advice, even for old products.

  • Flatout cycles - A great source of good quality used bike parts.  Saved a load of money with some clever choices with these guys
    TFTuned suspension.  Solved our rear suspension problems with their excellent mount kits.

  • Alpine bikes (Glentress and Innerleithen) - Amazing customer service in helping us get hold of parts, to the extent that they actually were willing to take parts off their own bikes to get us going when suppliers let them down.