Bikes and bits

Hope R2 burn times


We’ve been in the market for a new light just recently.  Kate has been looking for something fairly compact to fit her mountain bike for general use. Now, a couple of years back, having tried lots of the “just as good as that expensive stuff” lights that are about, we decided some time ago that […]

My Marin frame has died – spectacularly

Marin Mount Vision XM8 broken frame

It was nothing really.  I was riding up a gentle trail in Scotland and, ‘twang’, my seat suddenly sank 6 inches. My immediate thought was that the seat rails had broken, or maybe there was a fault with the dropper post.  It was only when I stopped and had a proper look that I discovered […]

Time for a new chain


Giving my bike a quick once over and clean, and it looks like I’m going to be needing a new chain in the very near future.   As you can see from the photo, my trusty Cyclo Tools chain wear guide is sitting right down in the chain on the .75 side, and the 1.00 […]

Time for the winter tyres


Well, I managed to make it through to October, but the time has come to put my winter tyres on. I know a lot of people just run the same tyres all year, but I prefer to change between the seasons to try and get the best of all worlds.    In the earlier part […]

Putting the bike back together


Well, I finally got round to re-assembling Kate’s Mount Vision. It went together reasonably well and fairly quickly due to not having to set up things like the steerer lengths, etc.    Just for fun I put together a little time-lapse of the rebuild.    

Changing the frame


Every now and again, I get a hair-brained idea in my head.   OK, to be fair, that tends to happen most days, but every now and again I will act on it. Just lately, we’ve been of the opintion that Kate’s frame is too big for her.  She’s been uncomfortable on it and lacks […]

Another Marin back on the trails


I’ve been a fan of Marin bikes for a while and after riding my Mount Vision, Kate became a fan too.  We were lucky enough to find a Mount Vision frame for a bargain price via Pinkbike, and the project to build a new bike was born.

The Marin returns


Well, my plan to meticulously document the rebuild of my bike failed miserably..  mostly because of the time I had to do it, and also because I got too involved in the job to take photos. So, here’s one I prepared earlier ! The bike went together really well.  I fitted a new headset and […]

Trigger’s Broom begins


Fans of the BBC comedy ‘Only Fools and Horses’ will be familiar with Trigger’s broom..  the more classically educated among you will know it as Theseus’ paradox… My old faithful Marin mountain bike is due a refit.  My current frame is getting on a bit… it’s a bit heavy, and it’s not disc compatible, so […]

My Marin Shoreline Train


Well, as promised, here’s a piccy of my old Marin. It’s not that dissimilar from the original bike in terms of looks, but pretty much the frame is the only original bit left on it ! Since the last post on here, my plans for the bike have changed quite a lot and I’ve managed […]