Tools and kit

Weldtite Pit Stop Cleaning Kit


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the various ranges of Weldtite cleaning and maintenance products, but the Pitstop Cleaning Kit was part of the range I’d never had my hands on. The bucket contains a selection of useful cleaning bits, all from the various Weldtite brands. So, what’s in the kit?   Dirtwash […]

Dirt Wash Rotor Wipes


I must admit when this product turned up in the post for me to review, I was a little bemused. Not because of what the product does, but because of the way it’s packaged. The braking surfaces on your bike need to be maintained just like any other component. They need to be kept straight, […]

Cyclo Tools chain wear indicator


Keeping the chain on your bike in good condition is essential to keeping everything running smoothly.  Over time, the chain on your bike will stretch slightly and this can cause wear in the drivetrain and can be a precursor to an annoying breakage out on the trail. A typical chain only needs to stretch as […]

Weldtite ‘Pure’ wet lube


Back in the summer, when the weather didn’t consist solely of the various forms of precipitation, I got my hands on a bottle of ‘Pure’ dry chain lube from Weldtite.  (You can read about it here in case you missed it).   From that time, I’ve pretty much been a convert to the Pure range. […]

Weldtite ‘Pure’ dry lube – A short review


Background You may or may not have heard of Weldtite, but if you do anything much with bikes then you have probably heard of at least one of their brands. As well as the neat little Weldtite puncture repair kits, I’ve been using their TF2 grease for some time, and I have a couple of […]