Weldtite Pit Stop Cleaning Kit


It's no secret that I'm a fan of the various ranges of Weldtite cleaning and maintenance products, but the Pitstop Cleaning Kit was part of the range I'd never had my hands on.

The bucket contains a selection of useful cleaning bits, all from the various Weldtite brands.

So, what's in the kit?


Dirtwash Bike Cleaner

In a handy little 200ml trigger spray bottle, Dirtwash bike cleaner is a read-to-use cleaning solution for shifting all the muck and grime from your bike.


TF2 Lubricant Spray

TF2 lubricant with Teflon is a top-end product for keeping the moving parts on your bike sorted.  The spray comes also comes with a little application tube so you can use it on things like your derailleurs without coating your brake discs in Teflon!


Dirtwash Citrus Degreaser Spray

Without doubt, my favourite degreaser of all those available.  Perfect for cleaning up grimy sprockets and chains.  Enough Said.


Cleaning tools

To complete the set, the bucket also contains a decent sized sponge, cleaning cloth and a sprocket brush.  The sponge is great for general washing around the frame, the cloth for wiping down things like wheels and for getting in the tighter areas like the rear stays and the sprocket brush makes short work of cleaning the tricky nooks and crannies in your drivetrain.


To sum up

The Pitstop Cleaning kit contains a selection of good quality cleaning products.  If you are looking for a nice starter pack then it has a good choice of items.  If you are looking for a gift-idea for a mountain biker, then you can't go far wrong with the kit.  The bucket is a handy storage box and for between £12 - £20 depending on where you shop, it's great value.

Just another tip: If you're on Facebook, it's well worth liking the Weldtite Facebook Page; They often have competitions and giveaways of the product range