Weldtite 'Pure' wet lube

SetRatioSize400300-IMG20131026184711Back in the summer, when the weather didn't consist solely of the various forms of precipitation, I got my hands on a bottle of 'Pure' dry chain lube from Weldtite.  (You can read about it here in case you missed it).   From that time, I've pretty much been a convert to the Pure range.  The quality is good, the performance is good and it's a bit less harmful to the world around us.

Despite how good the dry lube is, eventually the Dorset countryside got the better of it and the relentless mud and water called for something a bit tougher !    The obvious choice, given my new love affair with the Pure products was the 'Pure Wet Lube'.

It shares the same overall zen of the dry lube, sharing the same packaging and eco-credentials but is clearly a more 'oily' lube than the dry.

So, normal procedure;  degrease and clean the chain, (Weldtite, if you're listening, my Muc-Off chain cleaning tool is getting near the end of its life.  Just saying ;-) ), and apply the new lube.

Applying the lube, it reminded me a lot of chainsaw oil, with an almost treacle-like quality.  As I turned the chain, you could see the lube sticking to the links and gears.   I put a bit more on that usual since this was the first application on a clean chain.   After a minute or so, the lube seemed to have settled in to the chain and everything looked good.

Wet and dry lubes obviously have very different characteristics and where the dry lube dried to a waxy coating on the chain, the wet lube stayed wet (fairly obviously).


So, once again the question is, "how does it perform ?".    Once again, as with the dry lube, the answer is, "admirably".   Shifting is nice and smooth and the lube seems to shed most of the water that hit the chain with no issues.    At the end of a very muddy ride, the chain was obviously dirty but it still felt well lubricated and there wasn't a lot of evidence of grit being pulled into the links.

Looks like another result for the Pure brand.  I'll be sticking with it !