A selection of various photos from around and about.  Please enjoy them, but please don’t go nicking them and using them without asking first !

Various random snaps from the rebuild of my 110

The now-traditional visit to a big field in Dorset to look at old stuff

Snaps from the first Yeovil Show in over 30 years!

With no replacement chassis available and a lot of work, this was a proper project !

A few photos from the 2014 steam fair, taken on a phone camera so apologies for the quality

Images from the 2014 Bontrager event

Pictures from the 2013 Steam Fair

Our first year at the Bontrager TwentyFour12, 24h XC racing event

A weekend away with some good friends at the Afan mountain biking centre

Pictures from our annual visit to the Great Dorset Steam Fair

A gallery of images from the 2012 Wiggle Mountain Mayhem (the swamp year)

A few shots of various jobs I had to do on my Series 3 over the years

A rare 6x6 Land Rover

One of only 3 ever made, this rare 1-ton 'Lightweight' Land Rover was a real treat

Some of the build shots of the project 90

Photos from an off-roading day at Tixover quarry

A selection of photos from a Total Off Road photo shoot a few years back. Courtesy of Steve Taylor.

Just up the road is one of the most famous steam fairs in the country. It would be rude not to go !

The slightly unfortunate saga of my caravan catching fire and going up in smoke on the M5.

Photos from our local preservation society show. A selection of tractors, vintage cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, steam engines and stationary engines