Land Rover 90 V8 "Tigger"

No longer in my possession, but I thought it was worth putting a little tribute page up to my old 90.   It served me well as a daily driver and as a very competant off-roader, completing events such as the Mac 4x4 challenge and the Three Peaks Challenge in Ireland.

It was fitted with a 4.0 GEMS V8 engine (when everyone said I'd never be able to get it working !) and an auto box. And was an absolute joy to drive.  (15mpg wasn't quite as much joy).

A little run-down of the spec as it was :

Land Rover 90 Hard top.  Audi silver and black paint
Safety Devices external roll cage
4.0 GEMS V8 with ZF4 auto box
D44 competition winch bumper and steering guard
Warn 8274 winch with XP motor
Most of the time on 33x12.50R15 BFG mud terrains
Southdown snorkel
Tru-Trac diff in the front
ARB locking diff in the back
GKN uprated halfshafts all round
Normal stuff inside like GPS, CB, etc.


And that's about it.  After I stopped using it all the time, it sat on the drive looking sadder and sadder.  The engine was removed and rebuilt as a tuned 4.6 which was used in the event-winning Devon 4x4 110 Trayback built for the Outback Challenge of Morrocco.

The 90 was subsequently fitted with a 300tdi and sold on.  It's still going strong !