Little by little

Sunday, wrote Mr Kipling.... Daz came over today to do a bit of work on the 90 project. We're at the stage where there are lots of silly little jobs to be done before we can hit a decent milestone (like getting it running).

We decided to change the fuel filter from the motorsport type that I had fitted to a more standard inline Efi type. Mostly for cost reasons, and also because I was worried there may be some dirt in the fuel tank and I'd rather sacrifice a standard part than an expensive one ! With that done, we ran the fuel feed line in and clipped it all in place.

We made up a couple of the power cables next, including the main feed to the new fuseboards and the feed to the starter motor. With those in place, we turned our attention to the dash wiring. Now, I put the 'first fix' wiring in place about 2 years ago (yes, really) so it took about half an hour of messing about with a test meter to work out what was already there and label up a few wires which were mysteries. Once we had some idea, we put in the feeds for the alternator sensing, coolant and oil pressure and connected up some of the dash indicators.

It's these seemingly silly little jobs which take forever to do properly, but need to be done. We need a couple of little bits, but we're getting perilously close to getting the engine running and the vehicle driving. I'll try and get some photo updates on here as well shortly.

I discovered a couple of other disturbing truths today as well concerning Daz's fiancee. She is officially weird.... I've known her for a few years now, but the level of crazy is just starting to become apparent.... to be fair, it's probably why she and Darren will make a perfect couple ;-)


More to follow.....