First proper MTB ride of 2013

I'm ashamed to admit that I've been a bit lax on the old mountain biking front just lately.    Being ill at the start of the new year slowed me down a lot and a lot of my spare time has been taken up with the new Land Rover...   all that said, there isn't really much excuse for my lack of riding.

So far this year, all I've done are some short local rides, a couple of trips to the New Forest and a fun day out at Haldon forest,   So, time for a bit of positive action to get re-motivated and back on the bike properly.

First of all, I finally pulled my finger out at joined the local MTB club.  Dorset Rough Riders run events and rides all the time, so hopefully I'll be out and about with them as much as possible.

I've also got the first organised event coming up at the weekend.   The Southern Rough Ride takes in some of the excellent South Downs and should give us a good workout at either 25 or 33 miles (depending on how fit we feel on the day).

Hopefully there will be a nice post-ride write-up to follow !!